Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Hinkle Family

I love photographing this adorable family. Not only are the Hinkle's so fun to look at, but they're delightful to be around. I took photos of them earlier this year, when their beautiful boy, Bennett, was only 6 months old. We had the best time. So when I was scheduled to photograph them again last month...I was really excited.

I love how these photos turned out. I think they really capture the family's love and Bennett's sweet personality. And I seriously think he has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. I didn't even touch them up in these photos...they're really that blue and beautiful.


Allen and Bennett wore their TOMS for the occasion. Love it. (That's how they wear them!)


Terri said...

LOVE these shots! The one with the reflection in the window is so cool because it looks like they are inside with the outside in the background!

bass family said...

oh my gosh! These are awesome! Love seeing how Bennett has grown :)

SaraBethJ said...

I love the vintage look! So cool! You are amazing!