Monday, September 26, 2011

Final Post- New Blog Has Been Born :)

Well faithful readers and followers...the time has come to move on to a new blog. It's honestly a little bittersweet for me because my photography business started with this's been such a familiar place for me to show you my work. However, I started realizing that I needed more within my blog and after months of hard's finally ready!

Thank you for bookmarking this blog and taking the time to visit you can change your bookmark to

My first post features a wedding I did earlier this past summer. Here is a little glimpse of the new blog before you head that way :) Ciao!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sophia Grace- Newborn & Family

The Hinkle's are some of my favorite people to photograph. They are soooo laid back and enjoyable to be around. I am at ease every time I get to spend time with them...what a gift they have of bringing peace and joy to others. I really like them :)

Meet Miss Sophia Grace. I LOVED meeting this sweet little lady and seeing her big brother Bennett interact with her. When I took these photos Sophia was only a few days old and oh so sweet.

Enjoy this blog post as it is an update to this sweet a family of 4 :) Yay!

I love these shots of big brother with little sister. Priceless.

Sweet family.