Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jessica- Senior

When I left teaching I felt sad to know that I wouldn't see the students as often or be as involved in their lives. However, God has used this new venture in photography to bring back the relationships and interactions with some of my old students...quite a blessing.

Miss Jessica was one of my students and I have always truly enjoyed her. She is sweet, kind and a devoted friend to her classmates. Her energy for life is also extremely evident in her role as captain of the cheerleading squad- I can't think of anyone more dependable to lead than Jessica.

Photographing her was a sheer joy and man oh man...check out this girl's eyes!!! They are so beautiful...rarely did I touch them up through the editing proess. Simply stunning.

Have a great senior year Jessica! I know it will be amazing and that you'll soak up every moment...


I think she looks like someone famous here...

Umm....can you say model?!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Wood Family- Family & Senior

There's definitely something special about this family. The Wood family is loving, generous and gracious to all they encounter. I met them through teaching at CSCS and attending quite a few soccer games. Tricia (mom) is a Spirit filled woman who loves the Lord and her family. Bob (dad) is a great leader in a local Christian orgnization...and they've raised two incredible children: twins- Alex & Angela.

A couple of years ago I had the privilege of teaching Alex & Angela in my English and Bible classes at CSCS. It was a great year and getting to know them was a blessing. They are now seniors...can't believe how quickly the time goes by.

This photo session was special because we combined three shoots into one- 1 family session and 2 senior sessions. Alex and Angela (twins!) just turned 18 and are in very unique places in life. Alex is a senior at Colorado Springs Christian School where he is an awesome soccer goalie for the boys varsity soccer team. Alex and I are going to do some soccer photos so stay tuned for those...

Angela has the coolest opportunity to currently live in London where she's part of a ballet school and pursuing her dream of being a professional ballerina. Seriously...she's an amazing dancer and I can't wait to see where God takes her gifts. Because Angela had to get back to London, we packed in a ton of photos of her...and I might add...she's beautiful to photograph. So, there may be a few more photos of Angela in this post, but stay tuned for more of Alex :)

What a beautiful family to photograph! I don't think any photo turned out bad, which accounts for the length of this post. I just couldn't narrow them down.

Thank you Wood family for such a great time together. I look forward to knowing you more and sitting with you at the soccer games this season!