Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Packiams- Family and Children

What a joy it was to spend a Saturday morning with our dear friends Glenn and Holly and their beautiful children. Over the years I've been blessed to know the Packiams and watch their family's been so fun!

Glenn and Holly have recently added their son Jonas to the family. You may remember
Jonas from a post a few months back when he was just hours how the time flies! Now he's much bigger, smiling and adored by his 2 big sisters and parents. What a lucky guy :)

Not only are James and I blessed to have Glenn and Holly as wonderful friends, but we are equally blessed to now have Glenn as our pastor! He now pastors the
Sunday Night service at New Life Church here in Colorado Springs, CO. In addition to the books, blog and music he's written...he's an incredible pastor and teacher.

Thank you Glenn and Holly for all you do...not only for your own family, but for the families who are honored to call you friends :)