Friday, December 18, 2009

A November Surprise in PA- My Family

Many of you may know that I come from an enormous family. My parents each had children with their first marriages. My dad had mom had 4. Then they met, fell in love, and had me later on down the road. I make

So when everyone gets together there is lots of conversation and life. You are privileged today to get a glimpse of a few members of my family :) There are a lot of people to keep track of in this post, but keep in mind that these pictures do not depict everyone! Some members couldn't make it to this grand event that I documented via digital cam.

The big event was my parent's 30th wedding anniversary! We put on a surprise dinner for them back in Pennsylvania with almost all 10 kids and spouses with almost all 15 grandkids. Whew...were they surprised! It was so much fun and I really enjoyed a chance to take photos of my family :)

I hope you enjoy this post! You're getting a peak into my life...

*Take note! I can't take credit for all these photos. My brother Jeff is an incredible photographer and he took some in this post. I'll give him the credit where credit's due :) Enjoy!

My wonderful parents and newly weds of 30 years- Roger and Gloria
Two of my aunts: My dad's sister Betty and my mom's sister Sandy
A fun crew of my niece and nephews: Alex, Mallery, BJ, Zach, and Nick
Alex, BJ, Nick
My sweet uncle and aunt: Jack & Sandy
The oldest of the 10 kids: My sister Colleen and her daughter (my niece) Heidi
Colleen with her other daughter and one of my nieces Laura
Sisters: Heidi & Laura
Heidi and her boyfriend Rusty
Two more nieces: Tori & Mallery. If I was still in high school I'd want to hang out with them :)
Mallery showing a picture of her dad's senior photo on her phone...and sweet Tori. Best buds and cousins.
This is my niece Delaney...her personality oozes through this photo. I love it.
Two more nieces and sisters: Mikayla & Delaney
Delaney, Mikayla and their parents: My brother Brian and his wife Tina
My sister Colleen and her husband Jeff
Nephew Jeffrey, Brother Jason, Newphew Jamie
My sister Lynn with her two favorite men: Our dad and her husband Rich
My nephew Jamie and his sweet family: Gina and Jamie Jr. (I don't know who that mysterious man is in the picture behind them...but he's trying to be part of their family.)
My brother Jeff took this picture of his wife Kim...she's a great sister-in-law and always brings life to any gathering. I didn't get a picture of her at the party so this is from earlier that day...
Niece Tori and her mom and my sister-in-law Delly. They look like twins!
Niece Mallery
Niece Laura and Nephew Justin
This is the only picture I got of my brother Jeff, the photographer. He's really enjoying himself :) But at least he's got some cash!
My brother noticed this picture hanging on the wall in the restaurant we were in. The boy in it looks just like my nephew Justin! Justin was gracious enough to humor me and get his picture taken by it...what do you think?
Delly and Karen enjoying Bruce's hospital stories :) Just kidding...not sure what they were talking about but I love this picture.
My brother Bruce and his girlfriend Karen. I finally got to meet her and she was/is fantastic. The lighting in the restaurant was really yellow, but I like the vintage look it gives this picture.
My brother Russ and his wife Sandi...they both work for Penn State
The day after the surprise party my sister Colleen organized another surprise for my parents and had some of the siblings sing at our church the next morning. They did an excellent job!

My last day in Pennsylvania I got to spend more time with my two youngest nieces who are an absolute delight. These are of brother Jeff took the one on the left.
Miss Delaney...both taken by Jeff

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taysen- 6 Months & Family

It's amazing how fast 6 months go by. If you've been following my blog, you may remember this sweet face from when she was born. I took Taysen's new born pictures back in June...and now she's 6 months old and cuter than ever.

What a joy this photoshoot was. Not only did I get to enjoy the cuteness of Miss Tay, but family Christmas card shots were also on the agenda. Taysen's parents, Chris and Heather, are such a breath of fresh air...I loved taking their pictures.

Enjoy this adorable little lady and stay tuned for June 2010...when her 1 year pictures will be posted.

Merry Christmas!!