Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stepping Out

I have always loved photography. I remember growing up and literally carrying my camera with me everywhere I'd go. My poor friends from back home in Union City, PA sat through countless hours of me showing them TONS of pictures, either from a trip I'd been on or random experiences. I grew to love it because of my older brother Jeff, who is an amazing photographer who works solely with film and has never used Photoshop or any program to edit photos. Please take a look at his site :) 

Anyways, I look back over the past few years and something switched in me when I moved to Colorado Springs. I don't know why, but I completely abandoned my desire and gift of photography. However, lately my desire to experiment and take pictures again has resurfaced within me. 

Last week James and I had dinner with our good friends Brian and Hannah Brooks. If you all don't know, Hannah is an incredibly gifted photographer, who is also extremely selfless and generous. After talking with her about my desire to take pictures again, she invited me to join her while she photographed a wedding this past weekend for Tarah Caldwell and Drew MacAlmon. I was really hesitant and nervous because it meant actually stepping out and embracing something that I've let go, but I took her up on her invite...and had an awesome time! I'm so thankful to Hannah for opening up her job to provide me the opportunity to exercise this love of my heart. If you haven't already become an Audrey Hannah Photo fan...now is the time. 

I've posted some of my favorite shots I took from Tarah and Drew's big day. Please let me know what you think :)