Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sheridan- Senior

Meet Sheridan. An absolutely gorgeous senior from north Denver.

As I was taking pictures of sweet Sheridan, I couldn't get over how beautiful she was/is. Her quiet and reserved personality was refreshing amongst a hectic day.

Choosing which photos to put on my blog was the hardest part to this photo shoot because I wanted to choose all of them!! The light, the beautiful scenery of Colorado, the colors...etc. all was perfect.

Sheridan has just started her senior year of high school and I know it's going to be her best year yet. Her smile is contagious and those who know her are truly blessed :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Bhatt's- Family, Child & Maternity!!! All in one!

It's been such a joy photographing this beautiful family over the past 2 years. They were the first people to let me experiment with my photography. I took photos of their dear little girl, Izzy, when she was itty bitty and when she was one year old. Now she's all grown up and absolutely stunning.

The awesome parents, Sam and Amber, are expecting their first boy any day now. Amber wanted to do some maternity photos while we were taking family and child photos. So, we utilized the setting sun at Fox Run Park and I think the photos turned out well. I wanted to capture Amber's beauty as well as her beautiful baby belly.

Also, Sam's a pastor at Alethia Church in town. The church is fairly new, thriving and growing! Check it out if you're looking for a great church in the Colorado Springs area.

And now...on to the photos...enjoy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Pennsylvania Farm in August

Here's a glimpse into my personal life! Welcome to the farm :)

Last month Sam and I went to visit my family back in Pennsylvania. August is a beautiful time to visit because everything is so green and lush. As a Colorado suburbanite, I now realize how much I miss the beautiful trees, large lawns, and open fields of Pennsylvania.

During this visit I wanted to capture the farm where I grew up. My parents still live there, enjoying their retirements. My dad does an incredible job with his gardens and my mom does an equally incredible job cooking the produce from those gardens!

It was very surreal to be back this time because I had Sam. He slept in the crib I slept in when I was a baby...very special.

There are only 3 downsides to life on the farm- dial up internet, bad cell phone reception, and the closest Starbucks is over a half hour away. Now that I think about it, they're actually blessings. It's nice to be away from the inundation of technology now and then.

This is the home where I grew up
A golf course at the end of my parents' property
My lovely nieces: Delaney & Mikayla
To the right is a play house my dad built me when I was a little girl
The playhouse
A birdhouse and the old barn

This is where my mom's growing her own lavender
My amazing mom, Gloria, soaking up the moment with Sam
My sweet dad enjoying some grandpa & grandson time
Clockwise from top left: onions, red grapes, lettuce, green grapes
Pear tree
Delicious and very ripe peaches! I visited a week and I think I had peach shortcake or pie every night.
Fresh blackberries...grown up in the backyard
One of my mom's gifts.'s a peach pie she made. It was amazing.
A shot of me and Sam. Taken by my dad :) Sam was 2 months old here...he's now over 3 months. 3 month pictures coming soon!
Delaney Jane
Mikayla Beth
Samuel James
Hope you enjoyed a Pennsylvania farm in August...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Emily- Senior

Meeting new people through photography is one of the things I've enjoyed the most. Such is the case with Miss Emily...featured below.

Emily was referred to me by her good friend, Marie, and I am the blessed one because of it! Emily was an absolute delight to photograph...and spend time with. I enjoyed hearing about her love of reading. As the night progressed her adorable personality came out more and more. I loved it. She's also a volleyball player. Who doesn't appreciate an intellectual girl who's also athletic?!

I hope you have a wonderful senior year Emily! You're beautiful inside and out :)